Cygolite Dash Pro

Head and Tail lights
600 lumens brightness in front and 50 lumens in back
Multiple flash modes
Lightweight plastic material
Compact size
USB rechargeable battery

Main features

Another bike light that deserves a decent spot on this list is Cygolite Dash Pro. Featuring Quad LEDs that allow higher visibility for the rider, this head and tail light pack features 600 lumens brightness in front and 50 lumens in back. The tail light’s unique feature of powerful lightning-like flashes highlights your presence in broad daylight while the head light has triple pulse LED flash which alerts others, as you make your way through at night. What really makes Cygolite Dash Pro stand out is that it is water resistant. Needless to say, when you are out riding your bike on a dark and rainy night this bike light package can be a real life saver.

Ease of use

Cygolite Dash Pro’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to store and USB charging makes it user friendly. Being easily rechargeable, Cygolite saves you money on eliminating the need to purchase batteries every month. Just charge, strap on the lights and ride off on your next adventure!

🚲 Value

Overall, Cygolite is a great option for a bike light. Although it falls short on lumens brightness, the highly efficient lens enables an extra wide and long range beam to maximize your line of sight. The Quad LEDs and water resistant design of Cygolite makes up in value. All these features combined, makes Cygolite a good fit for your bike when you want take it out for a night time stroll.