Kryptonite Alley

Head and Tail lights
650 lumens brightness in front and 50 lumens in back
Multiple flash modes
Memory function light mode
USB rechargeable battery
Power saving function
2-year warranty

Main features

Our runner-up item on this list is Kryptonite Alley F–650 & Avenue R–50 from the Kryptonite store. There were several features that we discovered, and we were absolutely delighted. First and foremost, this item comes in a package with both head and tail lights included. With 650 lumens brightness in the front and 50 lumens in the back LED lights, this combo offers a good deal. A power saving function lets the lights automatically switch to lowest lumen output at 10% power or less and a variety of flash modes for both head and tail lights makes this item ideal to accompany you on your bike rides. The memory function lights turn on at the last mode it was turned off, therefore eliminating the need to adjust modes every time you use it. It is compact, simple to use and powerful.

Ease of use

A versatile bracket on both the head and tail light allows you to easily place and tighten the headlight on your bike handle and the tail light on your fork or on the back of your seat post. The flexible headlight mounting options gives you the choice to mount both vertically and horizontally. Since it is completely USB rechargeable, there is no need to buy or replace batteries. Just plug in, charge, mount the lights on your bike and you’re ready to go!

🚲 Value

As you have probably guessed, Kryptonite Alley had to come second because it falls short on lumens brightness. Everything else about this bike light is otherwise great, ranging from the multiple flash modes to a sleek design. Being priced reasonably, Kryptonite offers a good value for money with its head and tail light combo. So be sure to consider it when you’re looking to purchase a bike light!