Lezyne Lite

Available in different colors
Multiple flash modes
Aluminum material
USB rechargeable battery

Main features

Last but not the least, Lezyne Lite Drive comes with a powerful 1000 lumens brightness and is available in four different colors. The maximum optical reflection lens is packed in a lightweight aluminum body with cooling fins, and the versatile straps allow you to mount the light even on your helmet. For such a small light, Lezyne offers a strong beam with a great width that increases the safety and visibility of the rider. Don’t be fooled by its compact size and lightweight material, Lezyne is as sturdy as it gets!

Ease of use

Removing the need to purchase batteries, Lezyne Lite is also easily rechargeable. The cooling fins stop the product from becoming over heated while charging or while turned on. The flexible strap lets you attach the light to a variety of bars shapes and sizes. The maximum optical lens comes with multiple flash modes which can easily be changed by pressing the switch.

🚲 Value

Despite being available in multiple colors and powerful lumens, according to some reviewers Lezyne Lite has issues with battery life and it does not feature a low battery charge indicator. However, Lezyne Lite is lightweight and easy to put on and off. Its powerful beam spreads widely across the road and allows for high visibility even during daytime. For a light with 1000 lumens brightness, Lezyne Lite offers a good deal for your bike journeys.