NiteRider Lumina

USB rechargeable battery
Multiple flash modes
Low battery indicator
Nylon material
Dust and water resistant
Easily removable handlebar strap

Main features

NiteRider Lumina is another worthy competitor on this list of bike lights. Although it doesn’t come with a tail light, the head light is made from durable and long lasting DuPont fiberglass with multiple flash modes for increased visibility even during day time. At 900 lumens brightness NiteRider is also conveniently USB rechargeable with a low battery indicator. The distinct feature of this product is its custom aluminum heat sink that self contains the inside circuitry at an optimal operating temperature. NiteRider’s dust and water-resistant features allows you to ride through anything; no matter if it is swampy forests or sandy deserts.

Ease of use

The NiteRider comes with a quick release tab that allows you to easily remove the headlight from the mount on the handlebars, leaving the mount in place for your next ride. It also features a lock mode to save battery power and from accidentally turning the light on when you’re carrying it. Blue light indicates a good battery level while red indicates 20 % or less. The NiteRider is set to lock mode so to turn off the lock mode just press and hold the power switch for 7-8 seconds; the switch will turn from red to blue to indicate that lock mode has turned off. Press the switch again to turn on the light, place on the mount and you’re ready to ride!

🚲 Value

Although NiteRider has a powerful headlight with 900 lumens brightness, some reviewers have faced trouble when tightening the mount, but that issue can be solved with a go pro mount. With its harsh weather condition survival feature and daylight visible flash, the NiteRider can be of great value when it comes to selecting a bike light. It’s the perfect fit for mountain bikers, adventure riders as well as daily commuters.